Messages and labels

Olbico Master Data Platform speaks to the user via messages and labels. For example when a user searches for a company in Data Entry.


You see two labels: D&B and SALESFORCE COMPANIES.


D&B is the data source that is connected and is therefore that label is called D&B.
The other label says SALESFORCE COMPANIES. Click the label and you see the searched for companies that are already in your CRM. 

Adjust the message or label

If different wording improves your use of the platform, you can adjust the wording in the message or label. The message or the label itself can not be changed or removed. Only what it says. 

In this instance, you can for example change SALESFORCE COMPANIES to something like: My CRM. 

How to adjust it?

The adjustment is on request. Olbico will make the change for you. Please tell your contact person what you like to adjust and he or she will make the adjustment for you.

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