Removing or modifying a record

When you modify a record, you hit save after you are done. The changes are saved, but don't see the changes in your database. The changes will appear after the database is synched.


Synchronization takes place once every 24 hours. 

When does synching take place?

The exact moment may vary per user. These are default settings. They can be changed.

Where can I see when my account gets synched?

You can't. However, we are happy to look this up for you. Please reach out to your contact person and he or she will look it up for you. 

Can I change it myself?

No, changes are made on our side. We are happy to assist, so don't hesitate to reach out to your point of contact.

Can my database get synched more often?

No, synching takes place on a maximum of once per 24 hours.

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